Better by Design summit – day one

March 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Yet again, the team at Better by Design compiled and delivered a stand out conference. It’s a massive tribute to the wider BBD team, and NZTE, that it can attract international rockstars to NZ to speak about their thoughts for designing a brighter future.

There is a movement that continues to get stronger for New Zealand business as we band together to use design as a differentiator in a global market place; something that is critical for our economic prosperity.

Better by Design has attracted the likes of IDEO’s TIm Brown, MIT’s Peter Senge, Dev Patnik and Keith Yamashite to name a few, to NZ for this conference which is incredibly inspirational for our business leaders.

Highlights from day one for me:

Keith Yamashite gave an outstanding presentation on how CEO empower organizations to greatness. A beautiful storyteller. The quote for me is that “a CEO is only as good as he / she is able to see beyond the obvious”

Tim Brown, moving beyond Design Thinking and highlighting that change is becoming more complex and volatile, so our practices need to adapt to this environment. We previously have relied on process to manage creativity, but now we need resilience.

He also reminded us that a designers works never complete because of the pace of change, and that we need to design behavious (verbs) rather than objects (or nouns) to deal with the future demands.

Matt Brown, former CEO of Klutz reminded us that play is serious business, and Lorna Borenstein highlighted the trends in social media, and how we need to understand how our kids are engaging with brands, because social media is going to shape them(brands) more and more.

and Google’s David Lawee provided a simple and poignant reminder of the importance of a clear organizational purpose or cause to focus and direct a business.

A great day, and looking forward to tomorrow.


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  • Great summary Matt. Really missing being with you all for the CEO Summit. A little birdie tells me that your summation of the CEO Tour was excellent. Good to hear about the impact of the tour on Deloitte and clients.

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